U.S. Teens


This summer, K Corps is offering U.S. Kiwanis-affiliated teens a two-week international exchange program in Japan! 

K Corps participants explore two of Japan’s most significant urban centers—Tokyo and Kyoto. These two cities represent uniquely-contrasting facets of Japan’s national character. On the one hand, the rhythm of traditional Japanese society is well-preserved in the former capital of Kyoto. Tokyo, in contrast to the former capital, is a bustling metropolis where change is a constant.

While in Japan, participants will also have the chance to participate in activities such as the historic walking tour in Kyoto (featured in the below video Fushimi Inari), the Zen experience, and Japanese paper making.



A New Place to Call Home


While vacationing in another country as a tourist is fun, living with a local family will give you a whole new perspective! Adapt to their everyday life and routines, sample their foods, meet their friends, and experience a lots of “firsts!”

The conversations during these family moments are sure to be spontaneous, funny, full of discovery, and remembered forever—just ask K Corps alumna Paige from New Jersey (video below).



Seek to Serve


“Serving the children of the world” is the Kiwanis International motto, and the K Corps community service project does just this. If you’ve already been involved in community service, you understand firsthand that volunteering benefits everyone involved—including you! There is no way to explain the feeling that comes from helping others, but once you have experienced it, you want more.

During your exchange, you will complete one or more community service projects, which could include reading to pre-school children at a library, planting trees at a community park, or any number of other causes. Working with youth and adults, you will have time to share your culture, which will strengthen local and international ties.



A Closer Look



  • Age: U.S. Kiwanis teens (15 to 18)
  • Dates: June 13 - June 27, 2019
  • Deadline: March 1, 2019
  • Cost: $3,995 (represents $1,000 savings for Key Club members)

Cost Includes

  • Pre-departure orientation materials
  • International airfare from U.S. to Japan and ground transportation in Japan
  • Accommodations, breakfasts, and dinners
  • Comprehensive sightseeing and cultural exploration activities in Tokyo/Kyoto regions
  • Homestay experience with Japanese Family