U.S. Clubs

Engage the Kiwanis World through K Corps!

K Corps participants are teenagers, but as with so many things, it takes a lot of participation from a lot of different people to make this program a reality for Kiwanis youth. The most important of these actors is the individual Kiwanis Club.

Whether your club is in smalltown America or Chinatown, NYC, you can help create inspiring international bonds through K Corps. Just as every Kiwanis Club decides what the most important initiatives are for their particular community, yours could be deciding how best to engage international Kiwanis youth during their visit—through volunteerism (in true Kiwanis fashion!), among other things. 

Of course, U.S. clubs are not limited to just hosting K Corps teens, they can also help recruit Key Clubbers and Kiwanis-affiliated youth in their network. Perhaps, there are some deserving teens in the community—why not raise funds for a scholarship?

And while the upcoming K Corps trip for U.S. teens is set for jaw-dropping Japan, the future possibilities are as limitless as there are Kiwanis Clubs around the globe. So, if there is a destination that your club would like to make happen, let's make it happen!

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