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Take Your Club Global!


K Corps is a youth exchange program, but whether you are hosting American K Corps teens in your area or sending Kiwanis youth from your vicinity to America, it's also very much a club exchange. 

After all, the local club is the hub of activities for visiting American teens. What type of activities might you put together if K Corps came to your town? That special community service project that you have been considering for years? Would you want to ensure that the teens had the opportunity to attend a club meeting? How would you solidify these important international Kiwanis bonds for the future?

Likewise, your Kiwanis Club (wherever in the world you are located) could also play an important role in sending local Key Clubbers or other Kiwanis-affiliated teens to American clubs. Looking to build your connection with a fellow Kiwanian whom you met at the Kiwanis International Convention? Why not set up a true exchange between your clubs through K Corps?

Of course, Kiwanians are no strangers to raising funds—why not offer a deserving local Kiwanis youth the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of a K Corps scholarship?

There are so many ways for Kiwanis Clubs to get involved (like Japanese Kiwanis Clubs already have!)—all you have to do is start the conversation!


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Participants on their Service Project in Japan